Create An App Without Coding For Free

Advantages Of No Coding Android App Maker

Streamline your processes and create an app without programming

Among other things, the growth of e-commerce, the need for new services is increasing strongly. At the same time, tariffs are under pressure, the service must be more cost-efficient and you have to respond quickly to changing circumstances. No-code app maker is a way to make your organization more active.

Create An App Without Coding Skills

As a logistics service provider, you must be able to respond to developments at lightning speed during this time. You have to be responsive, quickly develop the right applications, offer your customers the best and most useful apps and automate as many manual process activities as possible. That requires a digital transformation.

No code android app builder comes in handy here. It makes it possible to develop applications in a fast and efficient way, roll them out to production and make changes where and when needed. So that functionality that your customers are most likely waiting for is always available within a reasonable period of time. This has several advantages, some are mention below.

Advantages Of Create An App Without Coding Knowledge

Close Collaboration Through No-Code App Builder

Development takes place with a no-code platform, except in a fast and iterative way, also through close cooperation between stakeholders. Including the IT department and the business. This makes it a communication platform with which you get and keep everyone involved neatly aligned. So that you can continuously roll out functionality and at the same time you can always respond to changed situations. This gives you user-friendly software of high quality and ensures successful completion of the projects.

Much More Agile And Flexible

With a no-code app builder, it is no longer necessary to write program code in the old-fashioned way. App is designed in a visual way, simply by drag and drop what you want. As a result, the speed of development increases dramatically. You also make changes easily in the same way, so that you remain flexible. That is not only important in the logistics world, but also in many other industries, because the competition is increasing rapidly.

Productivity Increases, Costs Decrease

With a no coding app builder more applications are made in less time. What first took months, now only takes a few weeks or even days. This also ensures that your organization can respond to developments much faster. In addition, the applications are easier to maintain. All this ensures that no additional developers have to be hired or hired, and so the costs are drastically reduced. This means that more budget can be made available for innovations and to work on operational excellence.

Better Service For Customers

As you can develop faster at lower costs, you can also respond better to the needs and wishes of your customers. It simply pays faster to develop an application. RET in Rotterdam used a low-code platform for a web application that provides travelers with real-time information about planned and unplanned disruptions to the schedules of buses, metros and trams, information distributed via the site, Twitter, SMS, radio and the signs at the bus stops. With traditional development methods this had had too many feet in the earth and it could never have been realized.

Shadow IT Decreases

There are also benefits internally. Remember that employees regularly work with Excel and Access to create functionality. As a result, a lot of unmanaged and invisible software roams around the organization. But with the broad deployment of a no code app making platform these people are involved in the development of apps by the IT department. They can even take the lead in the development, but what they develop will still fall under the central management.

Quickly Respond To Changing Regulations

Take the GDPR that is coming, the whole IT landscape has to be prepared for that. But there are many more rules and laws that are subject to change and that make it necessary to make changes to existing applications. Making apps with no-code makes it possible to implement changes quickly, so that you remain compliant with rules and laws.

Create Android App Without Coding

Across the board, there is a need to quickly develop apps and implement changes. The fast-paced world we live in demands a digital transformation in which you, as a logistics organization, are becoming increasingly active. By using a no coding android app builder, you eliminate the complexity of software development and you can build the right business apps together with all stakeholders in a quick, easy and intuitive way. So that you always have a big step ahead of the competition.

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